MedSpace USA and our partners have been successful in our development projects over the years because we share a passion for providing first in class service and developing projects that are strategic in nature and that generate impressive returns for our physician partners. With any project, our priority is to let the highest of values and integrity guide all decisions such that the value we create will be long lasting, serving healthcare providers and the public well.


Our leaders and staff have dedicated their careers to creating value for our partners and delivering distinctive healthcare facilities that contribute to the competitive advantage our tenants typically enjoy. MedSpace USA pushes to reach its clients’ goals with a fervor and resolve unparalleled in the field.


Making a conscious decision to position your medical practice or healthcare business in a new development project is an important decision to firmly establish your business as the market leader. Partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced development team is crucial to turning your vision into reality.


From conception to grand opening, MedSpace USA team prioritizes quality of decision making, processes and construction. We align with only the best service providers and contractors and insist they are accountable for what they produce.