Montecito Medical Acquires Nashville-Area Oncology Facility

Montecito Medical, a leading acquirer of medical office properties nationwide, has partnered with Sable Investments to acquire a medical facility in Franklin, Tennessee, that is home to one of the most advanced cancer treatment devices in the nation.

The Tennessee Oncology Proton Center, which represents a total of approximately 45,000 square feet, is 100% occupied by Tennessee Oncology under long-term lease.

“We are thrilled to acquire this highly specialized medical real estate asset that is an important center for the delivery of cancer care in Middle Tennessee,” said Bryan Brown, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions at Montecito Medical.

Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy that uses protons, or positively charged particles, to precisely target and treat cancerous tumors. This innovative treatment offers numerous benefits, including minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue and fewer side effects.

OneOncology, the national platform partner of Tennessee Oncology, coordinated the relationship between Montecito Medical, Sable Investments, and Tennessee Oncology. Sable Investments and Montecito Medical principals include J.L. Holloway and Greg Merriman.

“Expanding services across the continuum of care is a core OneOncology strategy that helps our partner practices continually innovate and deliver cutting-edge care to their patients,” said Jeff Patton, MD, CEO of OneOncology and Chairman of Tennessee Oncology. “We’re proud to play a role to ensure patients have access to proton therapy in our community.”

Tennessee Oncology is a nationally recognized team of cancer care specialists and one of the country’s largest, physician-owned, community oncology practices. The group’s comprehensive range of cancer care services includes specialized oncology nursing care, laboratory services, pharmacy, outpatient chemotherapy, radiation therapy, PET/CT services, palliative care, patient and family education and financial support services. Founded in 1976, Tennessee Oncology serves adult cancer patients from South Central Kentucky through Middle Tennessee to Northwest Georgia.

“It is exciting for us to expand our presence in our headquarters’ state, especially when the providers at this property care for some of our neighbors in the Nashville area,” said Chip Conk, CEO of Montecito Medical.


Source: Benzinga